Pricing guide for photo retouching and restoration services offered by my freelance brand, 'Alex Parker Design & Animation'.

Product mockup for my original brand identity, 'Marteeny', a protein powder supplement geared toward women who would much rather have a wine-night in than go to the gym.

Brand development for Tollcrest Dairy, with some always-welcome cheerful client feedback!


Invite designed for the spring Southwest AICP Happy Hour on behalf of the lovely folks at Infinite Fiction.

A campaign designed for my brother's election efforts in his medical organization, with different medical sketches coordinating with different campaign positions.

(Psst, he won!)


Progression of the model wireframes overlaying an ambient occlusion render.

Ambient occlusion render, provided to give a clearer look at the underlying 3D modeling.

A wireframe render of the above 3D modeling.

A slightly-serifed typeface suited for title work with a bit of twisted whimsy. Tall, dark, and handsome never looked so good.


A composite of twelve separate images combined to transport a building from Texas A&M University's campus to a dystopian mountain scene in Nepal, through a mix of compositing and digital painting techniques.

Holiday illustration entered into Laika's 2017 holiday cover photo contest, incorporating the Boxtrolls and the notorious Other Mother hand from 'Coraline'.

Concept illustrations for the preproduction of the animated short 'The Daily Grind'.


A few sample slides from presentations designed and delivered with visual communication, relevance, and clarity at the forefront of their creation.